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Angkor Wat, Cambodia

The temple complex at Angkor Wat, just outside of Siem Reap, Cambodia, is world famous for its intricate lotus blossom towers, its enigmatic smiling Buddha images and lovely dancing girls (apsaras), and its geometrically perfect moats and reservoirs. An architectural jewel, Angkor Wat itself is the largest religious structure in the world. It is the crowning achievement of the classical Khmer Empire, which once ruled most of Southeast Asia. The Khmer culture and the empire alike were built around a single critical resource: water. Lotus Temple on a Pond: The connection with water is immediately apparent at Angkor today. Angkor Wat (meaning Capital Temple) and the larger Angkor Thom (Capital City) are both surrounded by perfectly square moats. Two five-mile-long rectangular reservoirs glitter nearby, the West Baray and the East Baray. Within the immediate neighborhood, there are also three other major barays and numerous small ones. Some twenty miles to the south of Siem Reap, a seemingly inexhaustible supply of freshwater stretches across 16,000 square kilometers of Cambodia. This is the Tonle Sap, Southeast Asias largest freshwater lake. It may seem odd that a civilization built on the edge of Southeast Asias great lake should need to rely on a complicated irrigation system, but the lake is extremely seasonal. During the monsoon season, the vast amount of water pouring through the watershed causes the Mekong River to actually back up behind its delta, and begin to flow backward. The water flows out over the 16,000 square kilometer lake-bed, remaining for about 4 months. However, once the dry season returns, the lake shrinks down to 2,700 square kilometers, leaving the Angkor Wat area high and dry. The other problem with Tonle Sap, from an Angkorian point of view, is that it is at a lower elevation than the ancient city. Kings and engineers knew better than to site their wonderful buildings too close to the erratic lake/river, but they did not have the technology to make water run uphill. Engineering Marvel: In order to provide a year-round supply of water for irrigating rice crops, the engineers of the Khmer Empire connected a region the size of modern-day New York City with an elaborate system of reservoirs, canals, and dams. Rather than using the water of Tonle Sap, the reservoirs collect monsoon rainwater and store it for the dry months. NASA photographs reveal the traces of these ancient waterworks, hidden at ground level by the thick tropical rainforest. A steady water supply allowed for three or even four plantings of the notoriously thirsty rice crop per year and also left enough water for ritual use. According to Hindu mythology, which the Khmer people absorbed from Indian traders, the gods live on the five-peaked Mount Meru, surrounded by an ocean. To replicate this geography, the Khmer king Suryavarman II designed a five-towered temple surrounded by an enormous moat. Construction on his lovely design began in 1140; the temple later came to be known as Angkor Wat. In keeping with the aquatic nature of the site, each of Angkor Wats five towers is shaped like an unopened lotus blossom. The temple at Tah Prohm alone was served by more than 12,000 courtiers, priests, dancing girls and engineers at its height - to say nothing of the empires great armies, or the legions of farmers who fed all the others. Throughout its history, the Khmer Empire was constantly at battle with the Chams (from southern Vietnam) as well as different Thai peoples. Greater Angkor probably encompassed between 600,000 and 1 million inhabitants - at a time when London had perhaps 30,000 people. All of these soldiers, bureaucrats, and citizens relied upon rice and fish - thus, they relied upon the waterworks. Collapse: The very system that allowed the Khmer to support such a large population may have been their undoing, however. Recent archaeological work shows that as early as the 13th century, the water system was coming under severe strain. A flood evidently destroyed part of the earthworks at West Baray in the mid-1200s; rather than repairing the breach, the Angkorian engineers apparently removed the stone rubble and used it in other projects, idling that section of the irrigation system. A century later, during the early phase of what is known as the Little Ice Age in Europe, Asias monsoons became very unpredictable. According to the rings of long-lived po mu cypress trees, Angkor suffered from two decades-long drought cycles, from 1362 to 1392, and 1415 to 1440. Angkor had already lost control of much of its empire by this time. The extreme drought crippled what remained of the once-glorious Khmer Empire, leaving it vulnerable to repeated attacks and sackings by the Thais. By 1431, the Khmer people had abandoned the urban center at Angkor. Power shifted south, to the area around the present-day capital at Phnom Pehn. Some scholars suggest that the capital was moved to better take advantage of coastal trading opportunities. Perhaps the upkeep on Angkors waterworks was simply too burdensome. In any case, monks continued to worship at the temple of Angkor Wat itself, but the rest of the 100 temples and other buildings of the Angkor complex were abandoned. Gradually, the sites were reclaimed by the forest. Although the Khmer people knew that these marvelous ruins stood there, amidst the jungle trees, the outside world did not know about the temples of Angkor until French explorers began to write about the place in the mid-nineteenth century. Over the past 150 years, scholars and scientists from Cambodia and around the world have worked to restore the Khmer buildings and unravel the mysteries of the Khmer Empire. Their work has revealed that Angkor Wat truly is like a lotus blossom - floating atop a watery realm. Photo Collections from Angkor: Various visitors have recorded Angkor Wat and surrounding sites over the past century. Here are some historic photos of the region. Margaret Hays photos from 1955. National Geographic/Robert Clarks photos from 2009. Â   Sources Angkor and the Khmer Empire, John Audric. (London: Robert Hale, 1972). Angkor and the Khmer Civilization, Michael D. Coe. (New York: Thames and Hudson, 2003). The Civilization of Angkor, Charles Higham. (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2004). Angkor: Why an Ancient Civilization Collapsed, Richard Stone. National Geographic, July 2009, pp. 26-55.

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The Poverty Rate Of Texas Children - 1277 Words

â€Å"The fact that our poverty rate is increasing is something that I think is very alarming to those of us who care very much about the health and welfare of children and see the investment in children as really the future of Texas,† said Beth Quill, executive director of Children’s Defense Fund Texas. This goes to show basically a full quarter of Texas children are poor based on these statistics. Poverty is very important because these children are the future of this world. Children who are born into poverty are more likely to live in poverty and less likely to have consistent employments as adults. To prevent this from happening there are 3 solutions that I have done extensive research on to make this happen. Therefore these solutions consist of raising the minimum wage, expanding Medicaid and reforming the way the criminal justice system works. Based on the statistics of Poverty on Texas, I concluded that the poverty rate of Texas children is 7.5% points higher tha n the poverty rate of the total Texas population. At the age of less than 18 years old, 25% of the children in Texas are dealing with poverty. The poverty rate for Texas is 17.5% which is a huge number when it comes to this situation. There are many different causes of poverty in Texas. These include droughts and flooding’s, natural disasters, social inequality and even having to do with the government by having to afford primary healthcare, food, education, housing and essential goods. Health is a hugeShow MoreRelatedCalifornia And Texas Welfare Programs906 Words   |  4 Pagesand Texas Welfare Programs Poverty and unemployment are two national issues. Every counties are trying to solve them because these problems can lead to some serious problems later such as criminal problems, health problems, or economic problems in countries. There are 50 states in the United State, and government of every states have welfare systems under control of the federal government for helping poor people and unemployed people pay for their living costs including medical cost, children careRead MoreChild Rearing Practices By Margaretha Schurz1656 Words   |  7 Pagescharity for the working women who could not stay home to raise their children, privately run Frobelian kindergartens became more commonplace (O’Conner, 1995). Today kindergarten, with the unified starting age of five, has become the common standard in the United States; but once again an educational gap has occurred in children prior to age five (Baker Institute, 2010). Furthermore, the educational gap among children of poverty, p rior to starting preschool is more alarming and has prompted governmentRead MoreWhy Not Everything Is Better998 Words   |  4 PagesWhy Not everything is better in Texas Throughout the years Texas has been proclaimed as a strong and developed state that could rank amongst the top countries of the modern world. Individuals from Texas praise the state as the best state in the nation in every matter the states might be comparable. This belief is just an illusion; Texas might indeed rank high on some important aspects of a state, but ranks low on most other significant matters. Texas has policies with low taxing, low spendingRead MoreWhy Texass Education And Health Care System Will Improve Our State1392 Words   |  6 Pagesdifferent, right? Texas has been a conservative state for far too long and obviously it’s not a hundred percent the right answer. What can we do? We can start by pushing for a better educational and government system. Yes, this will raise our taxes, but, wouldn’t you pay more for better in quality of service. It is hard for people to succeed in a conservative state because the government is worried about politics and the states state budget. In this paper, we will look at why Texas needs to reformRead MoreThe United States : A City Of Great Wealth And The Great Poverty894 Words   |  4 PagesBackground Within the United States, in 2014 we had 1 out of 7 children born into poverty (C., 2016). That is an outstanding amount of children starting life out with a disadvantage. Statistics show that the U.S. has higher poverty rates than other developed countries (O., 2014). When a child is born into poverty, they are faced with many challenges that people are not very cognizant of. Children living in poverty usually have trouble accessing proper healthcare, education, and nutrition. These simpleRead MoreThe Teenage Epidemic Of Texas756 Words   |  4 PagesThe ongoing teenage epidemic afflicting Texas is comprised of two separate yet interconnected movements: a 20-year period of high rates of pregnancy involving teenagers, and a more recent surge in limiting reproductive health care access through state legislative actions over the past 5 years. Texas has the third highest number of unplanned pregnancies in the United States. Most of these unintended pregnancies are greatly concentrated among unmarried teenagers from low socioeconomic areas. In 2014Read MoreWhat Is The Total Population In The City Of Murphy, Texas?1628 Words   |  7 Pagesestimated total population in the â€Å"City of Murphy, Texas as of July1, 2016 was 20,482† (Bureau, U.C., 2017), compared to the â€Å"total population of Texas, which was 27,862,596 in the year 2016† (Bureau, U.C., 2017.) and the â€Å"United States population as of today, October 3, 2017 of 326,102, 454† (Bureau, U.C., 2017). There was data for The State of Texas on the United Census Bureau’s website, for July 1, 2016, but there was not a comparison for Murphy, Texas so the last comparison was April 1, 2010. As ofRead MoreInternet Research Assignment : High Teen Pregnancy Rate908 Words   |  4 PagesThe first article came from the Dallas Observer and is titled, â€Å"Here’s How to Fix Texas’ Sky-High Teen Pregnancy Rate† ( The author of the article, Eric Nicholson, is extremely critical of Texas’ sexual education program and voices his criticism with heavy use of sarcasm. This September 28, 2015 article was prompted by Texas’ recent decision to provide low-income teenagers with access to free birth controlRead MorePoverty Is A Social Problem957 Words   |  4 PagesStates is the wealthiest nation in the world, but yet poverty remains prevalent. Childhood poverty affects every aspect of their life. â€Å"Poverty is not having income for basic needs, food, medical care or basic needs and housing† (Crosson-Tower, 2014, p. 59). Poverty is affecting thousands of Americans every day, and it isn t sparing anyone of a particular race, age or gender, leaving people on welfare, and without homes, or transportation. Poverty is a crisis that deserves attention from everyone,Read MoreMigrant Youth : The United States847 Words   |  4 Pagescountries in search of the American Dream. This dream entails the belief that their lives can be improved because of the various amounts of opportunities in United States. Due to this, thousands of migrant youth move from Central and South America to Texas in search for a better life. By crossing the Rio Grande border, the migrant youth are escaping the corruption and violence in their native country. Although the migrant youth are in search of a better life in America, the United States has a policy

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Public Health Information Of A Ceo Or Top Executive

I do not believe that as a shareholder I am entitled to receive private health information of a CEO or other top executives of the company in the extent that they are seriously ill. I believe this because of HIPAA laws. Any employee of a company no matter how high up the ladder they are everyone is covered by this law. This law states that it covers individuals past, present, or future physical or mental health or condition, the provision of health care to the individual, and the past, present, or future payment for the provision of health care to the individual. So by law the CEO and other top executives have the option to disclose their health issue or not just like any other person or employee has this right whether or not to disclose private health information. If a CEO or top executive is seriously ill, it is an issue between them and their family not shareholders as they need to figure out a plan for recovery. It is the same way, if the CEO or top executive is going through a d ivorce that is a personal family matter that does not involve the shareholders. If it is keeping them from participating in their daily duties in the company then that is when they need to talk to their boss, but not the shareholders as there will be way too many opinions, public talk/rumors, not what they need to be focused on. Therefore, I believe when dealing with a difficult family matter such as a divorce, a CEO should discuss the matter with other top executives to come up with the bestShow MoreRelatedSame Risks Of Private Vs Public972 Words   |  4 Pagesrisks in private versus public? Although subtle, differences do exist between publicly traded company and privately held companies. Public companies use the compensation plans as a tool to deliver the â€Å"right† amount of compensation such that it does not lead to unwanted scrutiny, whereas private companies wish to drive value creation. This difference reflects a distinction in the incentives and constraint of their governance structure. Indeed, the board of directors of public companies is composedRead MoreAn Evaluation Of A Structured Executive Compensation Package1612 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Æ' Foreword The objective of a suitably structured executive compensation package is to engage, retain, and motivate CEOs and senior management. When it comes to attracting the best senior talent, having the right compensation strategy can make the difference between success and failure. Knowing what strategies work, and those that don’t, is a vital part of any senior recruitment strategy. The objective of this survey is to provide insights into the remuneration and benefits structure and compareRead MoreEvergreen Health And Health Access Team Essay1600 Words   |  7 PagesEvergreen Health has dedicated its time to healthcare quality, safety, and cost-efficiency while maintaining a healthy and productive community. Evergreen Health has a significant influence on patients, to be treated respectfully through their mission and values. Evergreen Hospital values its patients with respectful treatment, privacy, and care—a. At the same time providing excellence in care and cost effici ency., This proved to be helpful because they were rated among the top 5% hospitals inRead MoreCompensation Of Ceos At Nonprofit Hospitals Essay1443 Words   |  6 PagesJoynt, K. E. (2014). Compensation of CEOs at nonprofit hospitals. JAMA Internal Medicine, 174(1), 61–67. f. Data collection procedures and instruments. The authors accessed 7 data sources: (1) publicly available Form 990 tax returns compiled by GuideStar for US hospitals filing as nonprofit entities in 2009; (2) the American Hospital Association annual survey; (3) rural-urban commuting area codes;Read MoreCareer Path Choice : Chief Executive Officer1564 Words   |  7 PagesCareer Path Choice: Chief Executive Officer There is a lot been spoken about C.E.O in the business world within the media releases and tabloids, and that is how many get to know this job as a prestigious status. The position that is credited for the laymen as a â€Å"win in the lottery† lifetime experience, is also â€Å"All fame and fortune† taboo. Those terms refer to the Chief Executive Officer, more known as C.E.O. Who are those prestigious managers, powerful businesspeople capable of fully managing smallRead MoreCorporate Governance Is A Main Point Attention Of An Organization1445 Words   |  6 Pagesillustrated that corporate governance is the way the company’s board of directors is organised and functions. Chairman The role of a chairman includes the following: - Attending board meetings - Liaising between the board and CEO - Providing independent information and counsel to CEO - Organizing board meetings - Prioritising and applying focus to key tasks - Ensuring board works as a team to reach a decision - Review the board s effectiveness The chairman helps to have an impact on how the boardRead MoreThe Leader Of The Field Of Healthcare1271 Words   |  6 Pagesfield of healthcare Rebecca Onie and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Health Lead is instrumental in creating a company which assist low-income patients in obtaining care for the main reason of him/her diseases and the best way to get assistance for low-income individuals. (Michaels, 2011). Rebecca Onie was recognized during her years as a medical student at Boston Medical Center; that individuals living in poverty have recurring illnesses due to him/her health issues. Which is triggered by inadequateRead MoreWatching A News Episode Related Health, Medicine, Nursing And Illness1683 Words   |  7 PagesWatch a news episode related to health, medicine, nursing and illness. Read the questions before you watch the program so that you will have the questions in mind while watching. Complete the assignment by answering each question in paragraph form. Answers need to be complete and comprehensive, demonstrating that you paid attention to the film and thought about what was shown on the screen. You may use more than one paragraph if necessary. Be sure that the topic sentence of your first paragraphRead MoreExecutive Officer Of Physician Practices807 Words   |  4 PagesCEO of Physician Practices There are many professions within the health sciences. The one that I have chosen to pursue is Chief Executive Officer of Physician Practices. In order to achieve this numerous skills, training, and degrees/certifications are needed. The training can be vast and can mean many years of school. Kaplan can eventually help get the degree and education required to obtain this goal. The Chief Executive Officer of Physician Practices has many job requirements. He essentiallyRead MoreWhy Csr? The Benefits Of Corporate Social Responsibility1654 Words   |  7 PagesQuestion #1: Forbes Magazine Entrepreneurs segment published an article â€Å"Why CSR? The Benefits Of Corporate Social Responsibility Will Move You To Act†. The author of the article Devin Thorpe, connected with several corporate executives representing small and large organizations from an array of different industries in efforts to establish if CSR does in fact benefit a corporation. Based off his discussions with these business professionals and experts, Devin concluded the following: Majority

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Retaining Talent with Salary Packaging

Question: Discuss about the Retaining Talent with Salary Packaging. Answer: Introduction: In increasingly aggressive employment markets, drawing and preserving talent has been one of the chief apprehensions of organizations. This competition might have eased off in recent years in some countries due to the ongoing financial crisis, but other accessible labor markets remain stiff for some professions. Organizations these days do offer attractive salary packages to retain employees because of tough competition. Employee retention level varies throughout the different industry sectors where certain organizations suffer internally that amplifies key employees turnover (Bradler et al., 2016). Organizations need to be effective with its HRM policies where they continuously need to motivate them to bring the best out of the employees. Employees motivational needs might be different though, with some believing in monetary compensation and some in other factors. For retaining good employees, that generates value for organizations, it is important to recruit them at first place. This method must be given consideration to an organizations long-term value. The aptitude of achieving competitive improvement through people depends in greater part on the symphony of the workforce. This is the function of who is hired, ways they are developed, and factors leading to what is retained. The main purpose of this essay is to focus on the different recognition schemes of McDonalds and the ways it has implemented those to bring the best out of its employees. Salary is a major factor that can retain employees but job satisfaction plays its part too. Employees do want recognition for their hard labor and effort, something that motivates them from their inner self to give in the best shot. Recruiting and retention is the responsibility of a companys HR department where Right people at Right job is essential. This essay would be an argumentative one where descriptive analysis of various theories would be taken into account associating them with the HRM policies of the company. Every theorys application in the company is focused on and how McDonalds has been able to make the best use of it. Secondary source of data have been taken in to understand the companys various policies and schemes for its employees. Retention should always begin at the time of recruitment. Companies like McDonalds have been practicing good recruitment policies since years, ensuring a selection process that allows full assessment of interests and abilities of candidates along with values and aspirations (, 2017). McDonalds Australia is one of the largest and flourishing companies of the country, employing about 75000 people. McDonalds is empowered with a network of operational staff known as internal consultants whose job is to supervise and support its restaurants meeting the criteria. McDonalds is in the habit of recruiting young people who start their professional lives with the company and ascertain protocols that would remain with them forever. From an organizations perspective, nurturing talent and authorizing high potentials are important in making the organizations future safe. McDonalds restaurants have employee enthusiasm built in their DNA. The restaurants of McDonalds do operate as a separate profit unit; however, employees have shown immense interest in appealing themselves in the teamwork concept and teaming up to make certain their restaurant remains as successful as possible. Each month, employees of top 10% McDonalds restaurants receive bonus based on the scores of mystery shoppers. Adding to that are the restaurant managers qualified for a quarterly bonus identified based on three equally weighted measures: growth in sales, mystery shoppers and productivity. As per Wilder, Collier Barnes, (2014), the intact management team is being allied as a team that is to be motivated, rewarded for attaining those metrics. The whole team is confronted to deliver the best possible customer service, as no one knows when the mystery shoppers might hop in. According to Treuren Frankish, (2014), considers that keeping recognition schemes fresh and exciting is important in maximizing staff motivation. McDonald initiates new programs and reinvents the obtainable ones to make sure they persist to appeal to employees. One of the highest-profile instances in the last few years have been the fruition of McDonalds employee of the month system into its Olympic Champion Crew (OCC) proposal, for which it won Most motivational benefits at the Employee benefits Awards 2013. McDonalds organizational culture supports the positioning goals of the companys industry. McDonalds have been influential enough in attracting both customers and qualified employees. An organizational culture of a firm classifies habits, traditions and values affecting behavior of workers. The organizational culture of McDonalds persuades learning and continuous evolution of organization reproduces the effectiveness of the firm in affecting the culture of organization. The organizational culture of McDonalds is characterized through individual learning, organizational learning, diversity and people-centricity. The managers working in McDonalds have always believed that their career opportunities lie with McDonalds and that training that has been very useful in the organization for helping people perform better. McDonald shapes future leaders from their own systems. About 80 percent of restaurant managers were part of McDonalds restaurant crew and the company believes that it is important to bring employees through the ranks of an organization implying they have a strong indulgence of the business focus and purpose. McDonald has always believed that investing on people is always necessary as it provides with higher return on investment. McDonald identifies that better-run process, customer service of highest quality and product quality results from spending in people (ArunKumar, 2014). McDonalds organizational structure is an unique one with five key strategy points like products, people, price, place and promotion. McDonald invests around $40 million in its training process, mainly for people at the frontline crew. HRM and the organizational goals have been inter related and an important aspect of McDonalds Corporation. McDonalds Corporation has been one of the most famous food chains in the world and a significant part of life of people of all age groups. The American restaurant has been executing a range of techniques and strategies of human resource for providing the required encouragement to employees and teaching them the leadership abilities and methods. It has been observed McDonalds employees display quality leadership as company managers and professionals persuade and stimulate employees. The business managers of McDonalds apply certain theories like Situation Leadership Theory (SLT) and Path-Goal theory in their working style. Company managers are implementing Situational Leadership theory (SLT) in order to fulfill the necessary requirements of the organizational employees. Through SLTs implementation, company managers are able to initiate changes and bring in innovation in their recruiting and assortment process and do not force them in following the style of the managers, but implement their own style and work accordingly. This independence that employees get in McDonalds helps them in flourishing and performing better. The company holds on to the principle, The result is done by man. According to Allisey et al., (2014), the business environment theory, the employees willingness concludes largely, the ways managers execute under precise situations. The human resource managers determine the relationship that exists between environment and enthusiasm of employees, strengthening the leadership skills and self-esteem. The Path-Goal Theory has been developed in defining the ways leaders motivate and assist employees in achieving the objectives. McDonalds managers imply the Path-Goal theory in motivating their subordinates and HR executives. According to this theory, employees do follow the behavior of leaders as they recognize it a source of stimulation and job satisfaction. McDonalds Corporation has applied this theory for motivating its employees in order to execute well as it provides opportunities like promotion, paid holidays and incentive for enhancement of satisfaction in job and motivation (Rayton Yalabik, 2014). The pay and reward program of McDonalds pursues pay for performance philosophy. They believe in bettering the results, which in turn would better the pay opportunities. This program witnesses five categories, which are base pay, long-term incentives, short-term incentives, company car program and recognition program (Yousaf et al., 2014). These five types of pay and rewards lead employees to enjoy benefits and perform better. McDonalds Your Future Program boasts of sharing profit and savings plan, MCDirect shares and other financial planning services that takes care of existing and future financial needs of employees. Motivating employees is never easy with employees often getting bored with their present jobs. According to Mountford, (2013), employees might have different needs under different circumstances and it is hard to fulfill the needs of employees at a single time. McDonalds offers business functions of twenty-five different types for employees to look for opportunities in jobs like Communications, Environmental Affairs and Product development. The benefits, recognition and compensation programs have been premeditated to magnetize, employ and retain talented people, delivering strong performance and assisting the company in achieving business goals and objectives (Terera Ngirande, 2014). Four categories have been organized like Your pay and Rewards, Investing in Your future, helping balance your Work and Life and your health and Protection which takes into account most of the employee needs. McDonalds have accomplished Maslows second level need hierarchy theory. The companys recognition programs are designed in a way that identifies and rewards the strong performers. McDonalds also awards LTI stocks to qualified employees to generate an association between McDonalds business future performance and its rewards for those who are at present in fu ture might grow into a level that can persuade results in the long-term basis. However, individuals have different thoughts and needs that might not be applicable to others. For example, McDonalds might announce a 30% bonus on over-achievement of sales where employees might be assiduous and work harder to attain the target with some not putting in that extra yard to achieve that is on offer. They might be satisfied with what they get on normal basis. According to performance to outcome theory, McDonalds managers have a propensity to reward employees with a base pay along with an incentive pay. This practice in the company is known as Target incentive Plan (TIP) that is in the process of linking performance of employees with the business performance supporting the performance of individuals (De Gieter Hofmans, 2015). McDonalds focus has always been on expectancies regarding to performance. The aim has always been to motivate and increase the belief among employees that they are competent of performing well. McDonald has always been known for providing the best customer services. In order to attain that objective, the organization needs to offer training for all the employees. Generally the company offers five types of training which are shift management (manager trainees), system management (second assistant managers), restaurant management (first assistant managers), crew development (new hires), and business management (manager s of restaurant). Such training procedures have been beneficial for all the employees at all levels in improving themselves and learn things essential for their career progression. The expectancy theory appears idealistic as few individuals recognize high correlation degree between performance and rewards (Gursoy, Chi Karadag, 2013). All the employees have different thoughts and attitude towards their job role and some might not be that interested with goals of the organization. Moreover, this theorys application is limited in the sense that employees reward system is not directly correlated with performance in their organizations. The expectancy theory portrays that performance of employees increase at the time when the company increases its reward and recognition schemes. Monetary benefits takes due care of employees extrinsic motivation whereas, intrinsic motivation is all about other job related factors and facts associated with it (Oladapo, 2014). McDonalds success rate characteristics depend on three factors, which are consistency, innovation and resiliency. McDonalds has always believed in offering service, excellence and assessment to its customers for which they have shown immense loyalty. Customers walking into McDonalds restaurants know what they anticipate and rely on knowledge during time of decision-making. Innovation is a factor that has assisted McDonalds in its continuous growth (Al Ariss, Cascio Paauwe, 2014). McDonalds product offerings have been able to develop along with the changing tastes and preferences of customers. Innovations in menu have permitted the company to embrace product offerings. Lastly, McDonalds have been able to weather storms and in its path towards global leadership have come across several challenges and dealt them successfully. Equality is another factor that McDonalds has always believed in. It has never been the scenario where not all employees have been eligible for its reward and recognition problems. Both the company-owned restaurants and franchisees remain eligible for titles like Restaurant of the Quarter and Restaurant of the Year, earning them a day or night out, sponsored by employer. McDonalds motivation and recognition schemes included service awards, identifying employees service at an interval of five years, restaurant of the year, Ray Kroc Award for business managers, champion of the month, eventually feeding into employee of the year scheme and restaurant bonus schemes (McPhail et al., 2015). McDonald ensures that all the employees understand its core policy, Recognition of Performance. This policy needs to be recognized as a necessary configuration by every employee and the personnel management system that needs to be effective in encouraging their motivation (Tornikoski, Suutari Festing, 2014). Conducting fair and sufficient evaluations is a significant factor in achieving this. An issue that the company desires to face is arriving at estimation of results that are credible to the employees, which is crucial to its growth and expansion. For non-profit organizations, exposing its existence is an important step towards its effort of recruiting staffs and volunteers. Non-profit organizations rely on two basic avenues for publicizing the work and their staffing needs. Training is important for managements of successful non-profit organization but at times they fail to understand that their training should be in a way that covers all the members within the organization and not only the compensated employees. An organization of McDonalds stature invests around $40 million for its annual training program, which is not feasible for a non-profit organization. The company under discussion, Spastic Centre can invest only $16,500 in expenses on anything that includes an allowance related to meal entertainment. McDonald have the capability of recruiting candidates that are technically apt and can attract them with high salary packages in order to retain them for years and reap the benefit out of the. Likewise, non-profit firms d o compete in recruiting high quality candidates with their private counterparts. In the recent scenario, graduates have started showing interest in organizations having social purpose and accountability along with compensation based on their merit (Li et al., 2014). However, profitable and non-profitable organizations should be managed in the same way. Managing volunteers is parallel to that of paid staffs where their roles should be clearly specified, properly recruited, trained and oriented properly. Spastic Center needs to take into account of managing their approach towards employee benefits, compensation, and policies of personnel and records of employees. Non-profit organizations like Spastic needs to carry out these actions themselves as affording a full or part time help can be an issue. Successful non-profit organization managers have stated that the need of motivation among employees is even greater in non-profit organizations (Temminck, Mearns Fruhen, 2015). Even the paid staff of the organization needs accomplishment, service satisfaction, or else they would become hostile at certain point. Spastic Center leaders need to look out for ways through which they can display their paid staff, volunteers and their leadership the ways they can get involved in the company, making a difference. If one is not contributing, there is no need to work in a non-profit organization. It can be concluded that McDonalds do have recognition program that motivates employees to perform better as for the benefits that are associated with the same. Employees perform better when they are provided with a scenario where they can motivate themselves and others to give their best shot. McDonald has a training process dedicated to improve the skill level of employees and they invest huge money in those training facilities so that their employees attain that required standard desired for customer service. Only if customers are satisfied with the service and quality of McDonald will they come again to experience that at least one more time. Recognition works as a motivational factor not only for employees attaining the same but also others who can take a leaf out of their book and work accordingly. Non-profit organizations have limited financial capability through which it has to manage every activity of its. However, companies like Spastic too have realized that the only way t o retain employees is to attract them by offering good salary package. Other fringe benefits like meals, other entertainments and fitness related programs are also attached by non-profit organizations to attract and retain employees. Reference: Al Ariss, A., Cascio, W. F., Paauwe, J. (2014). Talent management: Current theories and future research directions.Journal of World Business,49(2), 173-179. Allisey, A. F., Noblet, A. J., Lamontagne, A. D., Houdmont, J. (2014). Testing a model of officer intentions to quit: the mediating effects of job stress and job satisfaction.Criminal Justice and Behavior,41(6), 751-771. ArunKumar, S. (2014). An Empirical Study: Relationship between Employee Motivation, Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment.International Journal of Management and Business Research,4(2), 81-93. Bradler, C., Dur, R., Neckermann, S., Non, A. (2016). Employee recognition and performance: A field experiment.Management Science,62(11), 3085-3099. De Gieter, S., Hofmans, J. (2015). How reward satisfaction affects employees turnover intentions and performance: an individual differences approach.Human Resource Management Journal,25(2), 200-216. Gursoy, D., Chi, C. G. Q., Karadag, E. (2013). Generational differences in work values and attitudes among frontline and service contact employees.International Journal of Hospitality Management,32, 40-48. Li, N., Barrick, M. R., Zimmerman, R. D., Chiaburu, D. S. (2014). Retaining the productive employee: The role of personality.Academy of Management Annals,8(1), 347-395. McDonald's Australia. (2017) Retrieved 3 February 2017, from McPhail, R., Patiar, A., Herington, C., Creed, P., Davidson, M. (2015). Development and initial validation of a hospitality employees job satisfaction index: Evidence from Australia.International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management,27(8), 1814-1838. Mountford, H. (2013). I'll take care of you: the use of supportive work practices to retain older workers.Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources,51(3), 272-291. Oladapo, V. (2014). The impact of talent management on retention.Journal of business studies quarterly,5(3), 19. Rayton, B. A., Yalabik, Z. Y. (2014). Work engagement, psychological contract breach and job satisfaction.The International Journal of Human Resource Management,25(17), 2382-2400. Temminck, E., Mearns, K., Fruhen, L. (2015). Motivating employees towards sustainable behaviour.Business Strategy and the Environment,24(6), 402-412. Terera, S. R., Ngirande, H. (2014). The impact of rewards on job satisfaction and employee retention.Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences,5(1), 481. Tornikoski, C., Suutari, V., Festing, M. (2014). Compensation package of international assignees.The Routledge companion to international human resource management, 289-307. Treuren, G. J., Frankish, E. (2014). The impact of pay understanding on pay satisfaction and retention: Salary sacrifice understanding in the not-for-profit sector.Journal of Industrial Relations,56(1), 103-122. Wilder, K. M., Collier, J. E., Barnes, D. C. (2014). Tailoring to customers needs: Understanding how to promote an adaptive service experience with frontline employees.Journal of Service Research,17(4), 446-459. Yousaf, S., Latif, M., Aslam, S., Saddiqui, A. (2014). Impact of financial and non-financial rewards on employee motivation.Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research,21(10), 1776-1786.

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Sociocultural Aspects Essays - Chitto Harjo, Muscogee People

Sociocultural Aspects At the beginning of this semester, I went into a classroom without the intentions of it having any impact of my life. What I did not know was that this course held not only a vision for the future but also answers to my past. Growing up, I was influenced by a society that was inhabited almost entirely by whites. For that reason only, I have been completely unaware of any bias or unfair treatment to minority and female students. Because of this upbringing, I found many incidences discussed in class quite unbelievable. However, my views on our society and the educational system have been broadened which leads me to believe that the teachers of the future now have the key to a fair, unbias education for each student that enters the school. I was also fortunate this semester to engage in mentoring a young African-American student named James. Although this assignment was geared toward working with a student from a different culture in order to examine the differences in our lives as well as our values, I think that it was very fortunate for not only my experience but also for the student's experience that we shared so many of the same hurdles growing up. The death of a sibling as well as the experience at multiple schools as ?the new student? are just a few of the ways in which James and I were quite similar. As many people know, dealing with issues like this can be quite hazardous to how a young child develops into a functioning adult. Because James and I are linked based on our past, we were able to share with each other more honestly than we have before. With that, we grew from one another's experiences and found the answers to our past with and through each other. As I said before, the course discussions and lectures that I experienced had a dynamic impact on my personal beliefs and values. Honestly, I hardly ever had an ounce of belief in the books we read and discussed or even the topics brought up for lecture. I would walk out of the classroom each day either upset at the way people in the class viewed the educational system or the way that they portrayed the minority students being treated. I realize now that I was stubborn to the fact that there are societies other than the one I grew up in tat have it far worse than I have ever seen or even imagined. The way that I took the lectures was as a classroom made almost entirely of minority students blaming all of the problems concerning the educational system on the upper middle class. Having grown up in an upper middle class household and neighborhood I felt defensive yet took it upon myself not to verbalize my thoughts, being very concerned that one might take my comment not as defense but a s a prejudice remark. During class discussion I was able to listen to how the other students reflected on racial injustices. When I first listened to what others had to say, I can remember thinking how lucky I was that I did not live as a minority in our society. I have never had to live day to day waking up scared of what might happen to me simply because of my skin color or the things my family takes pride in. However, simply because I was raised among people who were all the same as me and had the same beliefs does not mean that it was always a good thing. In fact, I see a lot of my up bringing completely different now. For example, I was always among people who did not have to watch what they said in effort to avoid offending someone. So, when a racial comment was said among my peers or even my family, I never thought twice about it. I also made comments of my own. I never had to worry about a minority being next to me or within hearing distance so I never considered the consequences of throwing aroun d racial comments. The class time I have spent with everyone has gotten me to realize that

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Henry VIII Essays - Annulment, House Of Tudor, Free Essays

Henry VIII Essays - Annulment, House Of Tudor, Free Essays Henry VIII subject = History title = Henry VIII papers = On June 28, 1941 Henry the VIII of England was born. This young man will form his own church. He will succeed to the throne in 1509. He will also marry six women! Something good will happen when he is king, he will unite England and Wales and will also do some bad things like executing people who would not follow his rules. In 1539, the Act of Supremacy declared Henry to be the head of the Church of England. King Henry the VIII of England had a good side and a bad side. Though popular with the people of England and also very talented he had many bad times and many good times for himself. Henry was not only selfish but, also handsome and had a hearty personality, he was also a gifted scholar, linguist, composer, and a musician. He was talented at many sports and was also good with the ladies. Henry was the second son and the third child of his father. Henry the VIII died in 1509, the only reason Henry would become king is because of his brothers, Arthur, death in April of 1502. Soon after that, Henry would marry his first wife, his brother (Arthur's) widow, Catherine of Aragon. Many wifes would follow after her. During most of his early reign, Henry relied on Thomas Cardinal Wosley to do much of the political and religious activities. Henry soon got tired of his marriage with Catherine of Aragon, so he decides that he doesn't want to be married to her anymore, so he tells Thomas Wosley to talk to the pope so he can divorce Catherine. But, Cardinal Wosley wasn't able to convince the pope, so in 1529 Henry took Wosley's authority away from him. Henry then appointed Sir Thomas More. Henry then got that divorce through Thomas Cramner, that he wanted with Catherine of Aragon and then married Anne Boleyn. Cramner now the Arch Bishop of Canterbury, made Henry's marriage with Catherine void and his marriage with Anne valid. This made the Pope furious. So in 1534, King Henry had the parliament pass a law saying that the king, not the pope, would from now on be the supreme head of the Church of England. Since Henry was now in charge of the Church , he was going to make some changes. He had all the bibles translated into English. He then had all the people take an oath for this law. But Sir Thomas More and, then Cardinal, John Fisher wouldn't accept the religious supremacy of the English monarch, so they were then executed. These changes gradually led to the formation of the Church of England. In 1536, Henry accused his second wife, Anne Boleyn of adultery, so Henry then executed her. A few days after that, he married a young woman by the name of Jane Seymour. Jane Seymour, Henry's third wife, was the mother of Henry's only legitimate son, Jane Seymour died after bearing this certain child. Edward the VI was Henry's only legitimate son. A couple of years after Jane Seymour had died, Henry decided to marry once again. He married a german princess by the name of Anne of Cleaves. In 1540, Henry was told that Anne of Cleaves was a beautiful and pretty young woman. So then, when Henry finally saw her he thought she was really ugly. So he then divorced Anne of Cleaves and then beheaded Thomas Cromwell for having tricked him. Being unloyal to God as much as Henry possibly could, he made the decision to marry his fifth wife by the name of Catherine Howard. Catherine Howard was then summarily executed in 1542 for being unchaste prior to marriage with Henry the VIII and for committing adultery. Henry had only one more wife to go, in 1543 Henry married his sixth and final wife, Catherine Parr. Catherine then survived Henry and then lived on to marry fourth husband. In 1536, during Henry the VIII's reign, England and Wales were finally united as one country. During the 1280's, after Edward the I had conquered Wales, the Welsh people had revolted several times against the English people, due to Edward's conquer. But, the Welsh people finally accepted the idea of

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Ethics in Justice, Law, and Social Control Research Paper

Ethics in Justice, Law, and Social Control - Research Paper Example The law therefore upholds true liberty. The law is meant to prevent a person from causing grave harm to themselves and others where there are no other means of doing so. These are called paternalism laws. This could be either economic physical or even psychological harm. Besides protecting people from harm, there is the moral perspective of the law. This means that something can be prohibited simply because it is wrong. Pollock gives the example of pornography which is prohibited by the law in America (Pollock, 2007). Research has shown that the viewing of pornographic materials does not cause any perceivable harm on the individual, nor does it cause an increase in sexually related crime. Pornography is thus prohibited simply because it is morally wrong. Laws may also be developed because they benefit others. For instance, forest conservation laws prohibit the cutting down of trees not because it would cause harm to the actor or to other but because conservation benefits everyone inc luding generations which are yet to be born. There are conflicts that may arise with the paternalistic laws where some systems give more weight to individual rights allowing people to do some actions, even though they may cause harm to themselves. ... The next time he sees the mayor driving carelessly and possibly being a threat to the safety of other road users. In this case, if the police officer stops the mayor and gives her another ticket, he would get in trouble with his boss. If he, however, ignores the mayor and in an unfortunate incidence the mayor causes an accident on the road, the police officer would be accountable for that accident since he would have failed in his duty of upholding the law. In this situation, the most ethical thing that the police should do would be to stop the mayor and kindly warn her for over-speeding and again give her a ticket. This is because letting her drive that dangerously not only puts her life in danger but also puts the lives of other road users at risk. Since the mayor knows that she has the support of the captain, she is more likely to continue breaking more traffic rules. Being in a position of power does not mean that one should break the laws that have been put in place to protect t he rights of everyone. Such an action would definitely put the police officer in an awkward position with the captain. Conversely, the captain is not his ultimate boss, and there are other senior people whom he reports to and who may not condone such behavior. In case the captain punishes the officer for upholding by the law, the officer should ensure that he keeps all evidences of this case in order to prove his innocence to the seniors. Although corruption has been seen to be a common occurrence especially in our large cities, stopping it requires that all actions be guided by the law (Pollock, 2007). Not all judges or senior officers are corrupt and any officer should focus on doing the right thing and protecting the people as is stated in their job